2018 Trail Run 5K

On April 8, Fairview Lake YMCA Camps will be holding our Second Fairview Trail Run! The course will take you through the trails and roads of camp, looping through our units, along the lake and past some of the iconic locations on camp.

Registration/Warm Up:2 pm, at the Main Office
Race Time: 2:30pm

Please note that this is a trail running/walking event, and muddy, rocky and unpredictable trail conditions may exist. Roots, branches, mud, water, gravel, loose stones, rocks and other hazards, both marked and unmarked may be on the trail. Use caution when running over any of these obstacles. We recommend sturdy trail running shoes with proper support for these conditions. This event is rain or shine.

All adults (18+) must present a valid State or Gov't Issued ID when entering camp to be processed through our Raptor system. To learn more about Raptor, and the Y's Pledge to keep kids safe, please click here.



Directions To Camp