Summer Camp

Summer Camp is just around the corner! Spaces fill quickly and we don't want you to miss out on the Best Summer Ever at Fairview Lake! 

Specialty Camps


Fairview Lake YMCA Camps offers a selection of summer camp programs that focus on specific areas of interest. Campers live in cabins based on gender and age.

Creative Arts 
Coed, Entering Grades 4-10
June 23 - June 29 $1,076
August 11 - 17 $1,076 Boys: 7 spots left! Girls: 2 spots left!

Creative Arts Camp is a full week of fun for young artists in both the performing and visual arts in a comfortable, non-competitive environment. Activities include drama, improvisation, drawing, dance, voice, creative writing and guitar. Recreation time and all-camp activities supplement your arts program.



Fairview Discovery

Coed, Entering Grades 5-10
June 23 - June 29 $1,076
August 11 - 17 $1,076 Boys: 1 spots left! Girls: 1 spot left!

Fairview Discovery is the ideal program for a camper looking for a fantastic week-long traditional camp experience. This is also the perfect program for three-week traditional campers to extend their stay and to participate in one more week of their favorite camp activities. Campers in our Fairview Discovery program may select from a wide array of daily activities. Each day’s activities are capped with a selection of sports and games at our sports field, or a swim at our waterfront.


NEW! Farm Camp

Coed, Entering Grades 4-10

Learn the basics of animal care as you experience life on the small animal farm! Campers and counselors will be charged with the care of Fairview Lake's goats, chickens and bunnies. They will also learn about other animals, participate in fun camp activities, and learn about responsibility and teamwork.

August 18 - August 24 $899** Boys: 3 Spots Left! Girls: 3 Spots Left!

**Please Note - Farm Campers this week will be staying on the seasonal side of camp. These units have a bath house, and do not have electricity in the cabins. 


Coed, Entering Grades 5-10

Learn sailing skills and proper terminology to become proficient sailors, or try windsurfing! Fairview Lake has a fleet of Sunfish Sailboats, as well as windsurfers. Make a goal of sailing solo down the lake, race your friends or relax on the beautiful waters of Fairview Lake. Campers must pass the Advanced Swim Assessment to participate in this camp. 

June 23 - June 29 $1,148 Boys 4 spots left! Girls: 7 spots left!
August 18 - August 24 $975** Boys: 5 spots left! Girls: 5 spots left!

**Please Note - Sailing and Windsurfing Campers this week will be staying on the seasonal side of camp. These units have a bath house, and do not have electricity in the cabins. 


NEW! Taste of Tradition 

Coed, Entering Grades 5-10

At Fairview Lake YMCA Camps, we believe that a multi-week stay has a deeper impact on campers, allowing them to develop friendships and community, learn new skills and develop independence. Taste of Tradition was developed to help campers transition to a longer stay by immersing them in the culture and traditions of Camp Laurel Ridge and Camp Kittatinny.  If your child is new to sleepaway camp, and you are looking for a program to help them transition to a longer stay, Taste of Tradition gives them a perfect starting point.

 June 30 - July 6 $1,076 GRADES 5-7 ONLY Boys: 2 spots left!; Girls: 4 spots left!
 July 7 - July 13 $1,076 GRADES 5-7 ONLY Boys: 5 spots left! ; Girls 3 spots left!
July 14 - July 20 $1,076 FULL!
July 21 - July 27 $1,076 FULL!
July 28 - August 3 $1,176*  FULL!
August 4 - August 10 $1,076 FULL!

*Campers attending Taste of Tradition July 28-August 3 will attend the NJ State Fair with the whole camp!

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