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Welcome to School Year Day Camp

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Full-day and before-care and after-care programs available.
For grades K-6.

During these challenging times when your regular routine seems to change on a daily basis, one thing remains the same: your child needs a safe, enriching place to go once the school day ends. While the school year may look different than before, our School Year Day Camp program continues to be a familiar place where children can be safe, active, learning and engaged during their time out of school. Through a balanced approach to youth development, the Y’s program offers activities, mentorship and academic support, helping kids to thrive throughout the school year.

Join us for a virtual educational Q&A to learn more about the program and how it will work.

Wednesday, August, 26, 2020, 7pm

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About Fairview Lake YMCA Camps

Fairview Lake YMCA Camps, an ACA accredited camp, has been helping children realize their potential since 1915. Our experienced, dedicated staff help youth build confidence and self-esteem through a wide range of activities. Our staff receive regular training in child protection and sexual abuse prevention. 

We run a variety of programs throughout the year, including an annual Summer Day Camp, Weekly Sleepaway Camps, Environmental Education Programs, and Weekend Retreats. Though our sleepaway camps were not able to run amid the pandemic, we still successfully operated our Blue Mountain Day Camp under new protocols guided by the CDC, American Camp Association, and state and local health authorities. 


About the Program

School Year Day Camp combines the experiences of our traditional day camp with the new virtual schooling environment. With our 660 acres of woodlands and mile-long lake, our Y provides extensive opportunities for nature and wildlife exploration, ecology, STEAM-related enrichment, as well as outdoor recreation. We have several large buildings and covered picnic areas on site where we can accommodate groups in inclement weather conditions and still be able to lead activities while social distancing. Our many open fields and sports facilities provide ample opportunities for kids to unwind, get some exercise, and most importantly, have fun!

Similar to our day camp program, all participants in our School Year Day Camp will be placed in “cohorts,” a single group of no more than 10 students with one of our experienced, year-round instructors leading each cohort. These students will stay in their cohort throughout the day, as we do not combine groups during the day. When in their groups, masks are not required except when groups are not able to meet social distancing requirements.

During our program, our staff will provide assistance to children as they complete remote learning tasks. We will work closely with school administrators to create a schedule that best supports remote learning needs. We will supplement this work time with daily fun physical activity, healthy snacks, and outdoor education and recreational activities that mirror those of our camp programs.

Remote Learning Support

We will plan to use a block scheduling model to accommodate students learning remotely. We will assist students with their classwork as best we can, but may not necessarily be able to offer individual instruction/help. Students and their parents and guardians are ultimately responsible for completing their assignments and seeking help when needed. 

Who is eligible to attend?

The program is open to children in grades K-6 who are either receiving full virtual instruction or learning through a hybrid model with their respective school/district.

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Scheduling and Fees

We offer flexible scheduling with both Before-care and After-care programs available. Families can enroll by the month, and fees are outlined below. We do encourage families in need of financial assistance to apply through our Y for All Fund.

Tentative Daily Schedule

7:30 Before Care
8:20-8:40 Morning Drop Off/ Temperature Checks
Parents stay in car
Temperature checks through open car window
Kids wear masks when exiting car
8:30-9:00 Daily Health Checks
Morning Meeting
Schedule Check/ School Assignments
Activity Sign-Up
9:15-9:45 Community Stewardship
10:00-11:00 Period #1-remote learning & snack
11:15-12:00 Period #2- remote learning
12:15-12:45 LUNCH
1:00-2:00 Free Swim/Boating/Sports
2:15-3:15 Period #3- Environmental Education
3:30-4:30 Period #4- Recreation
4:30-5:00 Trading Post/ Snack/ Reading/ Logic Puzzles
5:00-6:00 Aftercare


Electronics Policy

Students should bring their laptops or tablets to camp to complete assignments. Similar to our camp programs, in an effort to reduce screen time, we do not allow children to use electronic devices outside of their distance learning lessons. Parents will be able to contact their children by calling our camp office. 

Health, Safety & Illness Guidelines

The Y follows health guidelines on appropriate cleaning, PPE, and social distancing from the state, CDC, and American Camp Association.

Payment Options

Families can enroll for one month at a time. We can make alternate payment arrangements for families who would like to pay weekly. Financial assistance is also available.

Full-day and Before-Care and After-care programs available.
For grades K-6.

Cohort A/B Program: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
2 days per week and every other Friday (monthly fee).....$550

5 Day Program: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
5 days per week (monthly fee).................................................$1,100

AM Extended Program: 7:30 - 8:30 AM
2 days per week and every other Friday (monthly fee).....$60
5 days per week (monthly fee).................................................$120

PM Extended Program: 5:00 - 6:00 PM
2 days per week and every other Friday (monthly fee).....$60
5 days per week (monthly fee).................................................$120

Lunch Package
2 days per week and every other Friday (monthly fee).....$40
5 days per week (monthly fee).................................................$80

Yearly Program Membership (onetime fee).....................$50



Q: What is the ratio of the class sizes?

A: We have a 1:10 ratio with each class size having 1 instructor who has a college degree.

Q: How will you accommodate remote learning?

A: As schools are still trying to determine their fall schedules, know that we have several ways in which we can accommodate remote learning.

  1. Camp is equipped with WiFi in several of our large buildings throughout the facility that will accommodate each cohort and social distancing.
  2. Our staff have college degrees and with a 1:10 ratio, will be able to assist when necessary. This could include assisting with Google Classroom login, basic computer skills, and answering questions that students may have.
  3. We plan to allow for enough time in the day for the students to have their required online class time meet.
  4. Please know that it is ultimately up to the parents of each student to make sure the assignments are completed.

Q: Will my child be required to wear a mask?

A: Your child will be required to wear a mask during drop-off and pick-up times, and when they are in close proximity to another group that is not their cohort. In addition to wearing a mask, each student will have their temperature checked before exiting their car for the day.

All staff are required to wear a mask throughout the day with the exception of when they are within their cohort group.

Q: What materials for remote learning should my child bring with them?

A: Please have your child bring their necessary supplies in order to complete their assignments. This could include: computer and power cord, pen, pencil, paper, notebook, calculator, etc.

Q: What happens during inclement weather or cold days (winter)?

A: Kids will be outside as much as possible, exploring nature, learning about ecosystems, swamp walks, outdoor games, and more. Similar to what you might know as outdoor school. With this in mind, please take a look at the weather predictions and plan accordingly. During the warmer weather days, activities like swimming, sailing, horseback riding, kayaking are all choices your child can make. Appropriate clothing will be needed in order to participate. On the cooler or colder days, dressing in layers of clothing is recommended and wearing a warm coat, hat and gloves. During rainy weather, the kids will participate in programs using our indoor buildings and will need to walk from one building to the other. Appropriate clothing, shoes, umbrellas, and or panchos are recommended.

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