Parent and Child Weekends

Our Parent/Child programs create lasting memories, foster achievement and develop skills that both parents and adults will cherish for a lifetime.In 2018 we're planning new adventures, new programs and specialty weekends that parents and children will love! You will stay in our year-round cabins unless otherwise noted, and enjoy meals in the dining hall. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

MOTHER/DAUGHTER WEEKEND (February 23-25, 2018)

Adult $145, Child: $100

Strengthen the mom & daughter bond. Relationships and bonds between mothers and daughters are special, sacred and ought to be celebrated. Join us for an action-packed weekend dedicated to you and your daughter. Everything from outdoor adventure to a pajama party! Moms and daughters will build healthy, meaningful memories trying new things and spending time together.



Adult $145, Child: $100

A cherished experience for a lifetime. Dads and daughters are invited to spend a meaningful weekend together hiking, climbing, and most importantly, having fun! The connections you make this weekend will provide a lifetime of memories. No better time than now for you to unite with your daughter.


NEW! GIRL'S SPRING FLING (March 30-31 & May 11-12)

Friday-Saturday: $95, Saturday Only: $50 (Please arrive by 9am for programming start).

Let’s hear it for the Girls! Fairview Lake YMCA Camps is hosting two outdoor experiences in nature for girls of all ages! We’ll have something for everyone at camp. Groups are paired with specialized staff to facilitate your programing. If your group is not attending we can also accommodate individual Parent/Daughter registrations.



NEW! PARENT/CHILD WOODWORKING WEEKEND (April 20-22 & November 30 - December 2, 2018)

Adult $160, Child: $115

You and your child will get a hands-on experience creating a beautiful wood project for your home. Outside of our woodshop, you’ll be inspired by all of the fun activities we have at camp. Working together, you’ll build more than just a bird house, you’ll build a memory that will last a lifetime.



Parent $145, Child $100

Hit the trail on adventure with your kids! Our trained staff will take you on a twelve mile backpacking trip with an overnight at Buttermilk Falls. You’ll spend a night in a tent and cook your own meals while on the trail. Children should be 12 years old and older. Don’t have backpacking gear? We can help to outfit you for your adventure.  



Father $95, Child $65

Join us for a father-child adventure you’ll never forget! Our seasonal cabins (or, for the more adventurous, a tent) will be your home for a weekend. Classic camp activities like archery and campfires, plus boating and swimming in beautiful Fairview Lake will be available to strengthen the bond between father and child. Join us for a fun new adventure with your kid! 


NEW! PARENT/CHILD CANOE ADVENTURE (August 19-21, 2018; August 23-25; September 14-16 & September 21-23 )

Parent $115, Child $95

Adventure is out there! Our trained staff will guide you on a 26-mile float down the Delaware River - starting in Milford Beach PA, and ending at Poxono Beach, NJ. We’ll camp at a river-side campsite on the Delaware. We will provide canoes, paddles and PFDs. Children should be 10 years old and older to participate in this trip.


NEW! PARENT/CHILD COOK-OFF! (August 24-26, 2018)

Parent $145, Child $100

What's cookin' at camp? Parents and children will team up for a weekend of creativity in the kitchen and over the campfire! Challenge other parent-child teams to make the most delicious and most creative recipes. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to play at camp as well.


Mother $95, Child $65

Join us for a mother-child adventure you’ll never forget! Our seasonal cabins (or, for the more adventurous, a tent) will be your home for a weekend. Classic camp activities like archery and campfires, plus boating and swimming in beautiful Fairview Lake will be available to strengthen the bond between father and child. Join us for a fun new adventure with your kid!


MOTHER/SON WEEKEND (November 2-4, 2018)

Adult $145, Child: $100

Creating memories of laughter & adventure. Join us for a weekend designed to celebrate and nurture the relationship between a mother and son. Finding your way while orienteering, hiking to a majestic overlook and working together to create fire by friction will offer you and your son opportunities to laugh and play while creating lifetime memories.



Quality time through outdoor experiences. Fathers and sons celebrate their bonds through outdoor learning while experiencing quality time together. We empower each father and son to strengthen their relationship while generating experiences for life learning. Whether creating fire by friction or working together assembling a survival shelter, dads and sons will create memories for a lifetime.

By registering for a Fairview Lake YMCA Camps program, the individual agrees to indemnify and hold Fairview Lake YMCA Camps (henceforth “the Y”) harmless for any loss of property of injury to any group member, guest or invitee using the facilities and/or services of the Y. The individual recognizes further that the Y is a charitable association within the statutory definition and the Y is immune from liability for damages under NJSA 2A:52A-7 et seq. The individual agrees to provide adequate and competent supervision of any minor members, guests or invitees while using the facilities and/or services of the Y.

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