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When you give a gift to Fairview Lake YMCA Camps, a branch of the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges, you partner with us to support families, children, groups, schools and innovative programs. You help us spread the warmth of camp to our whole community.

There are many ways your donation will help over 3,800 children and families this year. Thank you for helping us Spark the Fire.

Together, we can build a bright future for all.

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Impact Story: A Weekend of Peace

In 2019, Financial Assistance was awarded to an organization which brought together single mothers from households with domestic violence, addiction and other struggles. This year, moms were able to bring their kids, reducing the financial stress and allowing more women to join us at camp. While the kids spent the day with our staff, learning playing and enjoying camp, moms attended workshops and classes. Beyond discussions on financial literacy, stress release, meditation and wellness, the moms also built a community and support network within their group.

From a participant:

Impact Story: A Safe Place

2019 was a busy summer for all of our campers, but one in particular had very hard changes happening at home. This camper is a foster child, who has not lived with biological family for over 4 years. This summer, we learned that their current foster family was no longer able to take care of them. They would be headed to a new house when they finished camp. Unfortunately, as the end of their camp week approached, we learned that they would be placed in a shelter, as there was no family available for them. Instead of sending this child to a shelter, we extended their financial assistance award to cover another week of camp. Our camper thrived in the new program, and at the end of the summer was placed in a home that we hope will be more permanent for them. Providing a safe space for all campers is a priority for our staff, and we are thankful that financial assistance was available to make this happen for this child. 

Staff Impact: The Hourly Club

The Hourly Club honors our dedicated staff members who generously donate an equivalent of one hour’s pay or more of each pay period to The Y’s Annual Campaign. These gifts exemplify our staff’s belief in the Y’s mission to build a stronger community.

2020 Hourly Club Members:

Debra Akerstrom, Jillian Banks, Patrick Boll, Andrew Cruz, Katelyn Donahue, Jennie Griffin, Alyssa Gubitosi, Wendy Harvey, Hannah Hawley, Rebecca Heismeyer, Scott Henning, Petra Hinds, Stefan Jandura, Tyler Kahle, Kevin Kitchel, Natalie Knickerbocker, Marc & Carolyn Koch, Sofia Kozimor, Lianna LeValley, Khanh-Ly (Sam) LeValley, Linda Mahler, Zariah Morman, Valerie Morrell, Taylor Niewenhuis, Liz Pattermann, Jessica Pieper, Aimee Polekoff, Brendan & Emily Rearer, Téa Rice, Natalia Rizzi, Paul Russell, Anthony Russo, Andrew Ryley, Don Sienkiewicz, Brandon Soden, Tom Sudol, Xavier Tolbert, Sarah Trehearn, Shawn & Tracie Van Hook, Daniel Vazquez, Kate Volin, and Roger Vreeland

The Annual Support Campaign raises funds for our Financial Assistance program. Through the generous contributions of our donors, we are able to provide support to children, families, schools and groups.

At the Y, we welcome all.

Impact Story: A First Adventure

In February of 2019, Fairview Lake hosted a special family camp for ECLC (Early Childhood Learning Center) families. Each of the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges branches has a site where families can find safe and affordable childcare for their kids. One of our families, from the East Orange YMCA, joined us at camp for the first time. It was their very first camping experience, and as a single parent, mom was a bit unsure about the program. They didn’t know any of the other families, but by the end of the weekend, they had made many new friends, and knew each staff member by name. Needless to say, they had an incredible time. The kids were so happy to be at camp, and embraced every activity, camp song and tradition. Mom loved seeing the joy on their faces, and found her own fun trying new things, and stepping out of her comfort zone. On Sunday, when it was time to leave, all three kids cried because they didn’t want the fun to stop.  We are so excited that this family will be returning for New Year’s Family Camp this December. According to mom, they have been counting down the days until they come back!

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