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Team Packages

Gain Confidence, Inspire Teamwork, Build Trust, and give your team the competitive edge that they need for a fantastic season. Fairview Lake YMCA Camps specialize in adventure-based team-building trips and activities.

“This is the fourth year in a row that we have gone to Fairview Lake in Newton, NJ. I love this trip because it is pure team-building — we don't even bring a soccer ball with us. As coaches, you can teach the x's and o's, but at the end of the day, if you are not playing for your teammate next to you then what's the point? During the trip, the girls learn to push each other through obstacles and long runs through the woods, learn the value of communication and learn that it's okay to be vulnerable with your teammates and let them see sides of you that normally they wouldn't see on the field.”
Alexander Schmidt, Head Coach, Westfield HS Varsity Girl Soccer


Please contact us for current rates! 


Arrive mid-morning and dive right into our team building activities. An extended stay means more time for teams to bond and grow together. Accommodations and meals are included. 


Arrive Friday night after dinner for fun night activities or team meetings. Spend Saturday and Sunday immersed in great camp activities, or include training and fitness into your schedule. Accommodations and meals are included. 


Arrive in the morning and try a variety of activities before your afternoon departure. Lunch included.

HALF-DAY Great for Local Teams!

Spend a morning or afternoon at camp, with a focus on one or two activities.

Ready to learn more and book a retreat for your team? Contact Alison Fisk or give our office a call - 973-383-9282



Zip Line
Indoor & Outdoor Climbing
High Ropes
Recreational Activities


Low Ropes
Team Challenges
Big Canoe
Team Building Games


Leap of Faith
Giant Swing
Vertical Playpen
Blind Walk

There is so much to do at camp - and you can design programs that will fit your team's needs! Other programs are also available - please ask when you call to book to see what will work best for your team.

Ready to learn more and book a retreat for your team? Contact Alison Fisk or give our office a call - 973-383-9282

Fields and Facilities:

Looking to incorporate your team's sport into your retreat? Or need opportunities for cross-training? Fairview Lake YMCA Camps can offer:

  • Multiple large, flat playing fields
  • Two Softball fields (sand infields)
  • Outdoor Tennis Courts
  • Swimming areas and long-distance swim opportunities (weather and temperature permitting!)
  • Paved Outdoor Basketball Courts
  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • Inline Skate Court
  • Fully Equipped Cross Country Ski Shop
  • Indoor spaces for workouts & team meetings
  • Hiking Trails
  • Wide, gravel roads for running (while we are located on a dead-end street, we do not recommend running off camp due to low visibility on winding country roads)


Ready to learn more and book a retreat for your team? Contact Alison Fisk or give our office a call - 973-383-9282






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