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Social Responsibility

Fairview Lake YMCA Provides Over 100K Pounds of Food for Local Families

 Fairview Lake YMCA Camps has long played a vital role in providing summer camp and educational experiences for thousands of families each year. When the novel coronavirus hit the area, the Y responded by providing access to a basic need that has rapidly increased during the crisis: the need for food.


By: Mollie Shauger | Sep 30, 2020

Social Responsibility

Metro YMCAs Increase Food Access for Thousands of Families During Pandemic

As the health and economic toll of the COVID-19 crisis began to hit our area, the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges stepped in to increase food access for people struggling with job loss and other hardships during the pandemic.

By: Mollie Shauger | Sep 14, 2020

Youth Programs

YMCA Offers Virtual Camp and Youth Programs for Summer

 As families shift their summer plans amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges offers virtual program options to keep kids active and engaged all summer long. 

By: Mollie Shauger | Jul 03, 2020

Summer Camp

Resources for Families & Campers

By now you have received the official announcement from Marc Koch, our Executive Director, that we have canceled our sleep-away camps at Fairview Lake for the summer of 2020. Along with our camp families and friends, we share the disappointment and sadness a summer without camp brings.

We also recognize you will need to break this difficult news to your family, and we want to help support you as a parent. You know your child best, and you are the best person to talk with them about what this summer will look like.

By: Emily Rearer | Jun 10, 2020

Summer Camp

Important Announcement About Sleep Away Camps

We hope you are healthy and well. It is with great sadness we announce we are canceling sleep-away camp at Fairview Lake YMCA Camps for the summer of 2020.

By: Emily Rearer | Jun 09, 2020

Healthy Living

YMCA Coronavirus Update | NJ

Open for Cabin Rentals Fairview Lake YMCA Camps will offer Cabin Rentals all season long! Rent one of our cabins for a week or more, and enjoy activities, meals, and the beauty of Fairview Lake in your own private space. Please visit our Family ...

By: Greg Albers | Jun 01, 2020

Summer Camp

4 Options to Make Summer Camp Affordable

For many families though, budgeting for day or sleepaway camp while also planning for expenses like summer vacations and child care is challenging. Sometimes just saving money isn’t enough. 

By: Mollie Shauger | Mar 10, 2020

Healthy Living

6 Ways to Support Young Women's Wellness

The stresses of daily life and social pressures young women face often cause them to put aside their own health and well-being. Here are some ways to help young women lead healthier lives.

By: Mollie Shauger | Mar 07, 2020

Summer Camp

Questions to Ask in Your Summer Camp Search

To help you decide which summer camp program is the right fit for your family, Fairview Lake YMCA Camps provides a list of questions to ask directors when comparing programs. 

By: Mollie Shauger | Feb 20, 2020

Child Care and Family

5 Tips for Heart Healthy Families

A healthy lifestyle is essential for keeping our hearts beating, and in turn, keeping our bodies functioning as they should.

By: Mollie Shauger | Feb 04, 2020


YMCA to Operate Campus Kids Summer Camp in Blairstown

Fairview Lake YMCA Camps, a branch of the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges, will operate the weekday sleep-away camp Campus Kids in Blairstown beginning with the 2020 summer camp season. 

By: Mollie Shauger | Jan 16, 2020


'Spark the Fire' to Kick Off Annual Campaign

Supporters, alumni, and staff of Fairview Lake YMCA Camps will gather on Sunday, Jan. 26 to “Spark the Fire” as they kick off this year’s Annual Support Campaign.

By: Mollie Shauger | Jan 16, 2020


Explore Fairview Lake YMCA Summer Camps at Open House Events

Families can explore sleepaway and day camp options available during the summer for children ages 6 to 16.

By: Mollie Shauger | Jan 13, 2020

Summer Camp

5 Benefits of Registering Early for Summer Camp

While summer may seem far away, it’s never too early to start making plans. Reserving a spot early can help ensure your kids have a great experience at an affordable price for your family.

By: Mollie Shauger | Dec 17, 2019

Child Care and Family

How to Help Children Practice Mindfulness at Home

Practicing mindfulness can help relieve stress and anxiety in children, while promoting happiness. Here are several ways families can help kids use mindfulness at home.

By: Mollie Shauger | Dec 10, 2019

Child Care and Family

3 Ways to Teach Children About Giving During the Holidays

The holidays are a great opportunity to start encouraging children to appreciate what they have in their own lives. 

By: Mollie Shauger | Dec 02, 2019

Social Responsibility

Season of Giving: 8 Easy Ways to Make an Impact

Giving back doesn’t have to be a grand commitment. Even small tasks can make a big difference in other people’s lives.

By: Mollie Shauger | Nov 08, 2019


Metro YMCA Earns Top Rating from Largest Charity Evaluator in U.S.

For the ninth straight year, the Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges, which includes Fairview Lake YMCA Camps, has received the top rating from the largest charity evaluator in the U.S. for its strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.

By: Mollie Shauger | Nov 07, 2019

Child Care and Family

Tips to Help Military Families Cope During Deployment

The YMCA offers the following tips to help children of military families cope while loved ones serve overseas.

By: Mollie Shauger | Nov 04, 2019

Social Responsibility

Why Volunteerism is Good for Your Lifelong Health

Donating your time to a cause is not just good for the community - it’s also beneficial for your long-term health.

By: Mollie Shauger | Nov 01, 2019

Summer Camp

By Land and by River, Campers Explore Nature's Beauty

Fairview Lake YMCA Camps’ unique location provides for easy access to two national destinations for outdoor recreation: the Delaware Water Gap and the Appalachian Trail. It also allows for campers to learn about the natural world by experiencing its beauty, and its challenges.

By: Mollie Shauger | Oct 17, 2019

Summer Camp

ETC Campers Find a Community Amid Challenges

It was camper Sunjarae B.’s first time doing the two-week Explorers program in August, where he canoed more than 40 miles down the Delaware River and hiked more than 30 miles of the Appalachian Trail. He learned how important teamwork is.

By: Mollie Shauger | Oct 17, 2019

Youth Programs

4 Practical Ways to Support STEAM Learning at Home

Here are some easy ways to involve Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math in everyday activities and interactions.

By: Mollie Shauger | Oct 09, 2019

Healthy Living

Tips for Building Healthy Family Habits

Parents and families play an important role in ensuring that children are developing healthy habits, from eating well to sleeping well. 

By: Mollie Shauger | Oct 07, 2019

Healthy Living

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Change in Seasons

The change in temperatures and fewer hours of sunlight that come with the colder months can make it difficult to maintain routines of getting outside and exercising. 

By: Mollie Shauger | Oct 04, 2019

Youth Development

Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online

Do you know what your child is doing online - more specifically, their online conversations and what they post on social media?

By: Joyce Fein | Oct 02, 2019

Youth Development

Everyday Ways to Boost a Child's Self-Esteem

A strong support system from family, peers and teachers is essential to a child’s emotional well-being. Here are some ways to build your child’s self-esteem on a daily basis.

By: Mollie Shauger | Sep 27, 2019


New Fairview Lake YMCA Executive Director Ready to Move Camp Forward

To Fairview Lake YMCA Camps’ newest executive director, Marc Koch, working at camp is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

By: Mollie Shauger | Sep 20, 2019

Healthy Living

Packing Healthy and Affordable Lunches for Kids

A lunch that is both filling and nutritious can also cut down on after-school snacking. Additionally, healthy eating habits can help prevent childhood obesity, and provide kids with the nutrients they need for their growth and development. 

By: Mollie Shauger | Sep 13, 2019

Our Cause

Here's How the YMCA is Welcoming

Here’s a look at how traditional YMCA branches work year-round to make sure that everyone, regardless of background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

By: Mollie Shauger | Sep 13, 2019

Directions To Camp