Adult Retreats

Part of our mission at Fairview Lake YMCA Camps is to foster a healthy mind, body and spirit in all of our guests. Creating special weekends to promote wellness, leadership and health help us do just that! With partnerships from local health providers, our sister YMCAs and friends of Fairview Lake, we can offer dynamic programs that inspire healthy living and wellbeing. Adult weekends are for individuals ages 18 and older. 

Women's Wellness Weekend

March 9-11 & November 2-4, 2018
$160 per person for the weekend, $85 for Saturday only. 

Women’s Wellness Weekend is a great way to try new things and meet new people in a beautiful setting. Join us for massage therapy, yoga, hiking, meditation, crafts, dancing, adventure and fun! You will have the option to engage in high- energy activities or just sit by the fire with a good book - the weekend is framed to satisfy every need.

You'll stay in one of our heated and cozy year-round cabins, and enjoy hot meals in the dining hall! Cabins are shared (5 or 6 per cabin, unless you don't mind a top bunk!) 



Adult Adventure Weekend 

April 27-29 & October 19-21, 2018
$160 per person for the weekend, $85 for Saturday only.

Put your adventurous spirit out there! Join us for a weekend of hiking, indoor and outdoor climbing and high ropes adventures. This is a great way to brush up on your outdoor skills, or to try a new and fun activity with friends. All fitness levels are welcome as we enjoy a weekend at camp.


By registering for a Fairview Lake YMCA Camps program, the individual agrees to indemnify and hold Fairview Lake YMCA Camps (henceforth “the Y”) harmless for any loss of property of injury to any group member, guest or invitee using the facilities and/or services of the Y. The individual recognizes further that the Y is a charitable association within the statutory definition and the Y is immune from liability for damages under NJSA 2A:52A-7 et seq. The individual agrees to provide adequate and competent supervision of any minor members, guests or invitees while using the facilities and/or services of the Y.

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